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Our Vision 

Sustainable agriculture for enough food, employement and wealth. More emphasis to accelerate transition from traditional to commercial agriculture.

Our Mission 

To increase production and productivity of Agricultural crops, increasing farm income with the aim of minimum 4% annual growth in Agriculture.

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Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yosana, Assam, India
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  • From the Desk of Dairy DEPARTMENT

    Dairy Development

      The basic objective of the sector is for procurement, processing and distribution of milk aiming at economic up-liftment of rural milk producers and to help urban consumers to get quality milk at a reasonable price

    Status of Dairy Development Sector in the state of Assam

      ♠ The milk production in the state of Assam has increased from 824.00 Million litre in 2006-07 to 835.00 Million
       Litre in the year 2010-11.
      ♠ Increased milk processing capacity in the state from 15000 ltrs per day in 2006-07 to 115500 ltrs per day
       in 2011-12.
      ♠ Delivery of clean milk to the consumers, concept of Any Time Milk through Milk Vending machine has been
       started from 2008-09.
      ♠ Comprehensive network of Bulk Milk Coolers has been initiated in the state to facilitate processing of milk
       from the year 2009-10.
      ♠ Automatic Milk Collection Units in 65 locations in the state are being setup since 2008-09.
      ♠ Organized 312 Dairy Cooperative Societies till date.
      ♠ Organized 300 Milk Producer Institutions till date.

    Major Contribution from RKVY programme to Dairy sector in the state
      During the financial year of 2008 09 programme under the Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) was introduced in this sector. After intervention of RKVY a few number of new programme were taken up in order to achieve basic objective of the sector.

    1. Induction of Milch Cattle to the selected beneficiaries :

    Inducting 1000 nos. of milch cattle almost 7000 lits of milk are produced by the farmers generating income of Rs.1,75,000/- per day during 2008 09 and another 1800 nos. of milch cattle during 2009 10 yielded almost 15000 lits of milk per day by the farmers generating income of Rs.3,45,000/- per day.

    2. Construction of milk Collection Center (MCC) :

    Additional facility of storage and handling of 11,000 lits of milk is provided to the dairy farmer by constructing 21 nos of MCC during 2008 09. Construction of another 12 Nos. of MCC during 2009-10 and 23 nos. in 2010-11, DCS/ Dairy groups were provided group collection of milk , its storage and marketing for handling of 17,500 lits of milk per day produced by the milk producers.

    3. Installation of Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) :

    Dairy Cooperative Societies / Dairy SHG were provided automatic milk testing and recording units to manage accounts of milk supplied by the members of the societies/ groups and with this facility dairy farmers get attracted to pour milk in the DCS in the Milk Collection Centres. For better management of accounts, proper testing and recording 21 nos. of AMCU during 2008-09 and 44 nos. of AMCU during 2010-11 were provided and thus 65 nos. of DCS/ Dairy groups were benefitted.

    4. Distribution of Cream Separator :

    DCS members in the remote areas could make more attractive milk by-product as well as lowering loss by converting unsold, sour & evening milk to by product with availability of 105 nos. of hand cream separator under this project during 2008-09. The big societies handling more than 800 lits of milk per day were provided electric cream separator during 2011-12 and 50 numbers of separator were provided to those groups.

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