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Our Vision 

Sustainable agriculture for enough food, employement and wealth. More emphasis to accelerate transition from traditional to commercial agriculture.

Our Mission 

To increase production and productivity of Agricultural crops, increasing farm income with the aim of minimum 4% annual growth in Agriculture.

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Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yosana, Assam, India
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  • From the Desk of Dairy DEPARTMENT

    5. Training for cattle management & fodder development :

    Exposure to the training the farmers are getting required knowledge in scientific management of their herd. 500 nos. of dairy farmers during 2008 09, 900 dairy farmers during 2009-10 , 2000 nos. of dairy farmers in 2011-12 were trained on Cross bred cattle rearing & management to make dairy farming as livelihood by generating additional income.

    6. Consumers Awareness programme (Generic Campaign) :

    Although milk and milk products are highly nutritious the people of this region do not consider it as an important item of dietary till now. To bring a paradigm shift in the mindset of the consumer as a whole, an intensive milk-marketing awareness programme is proposed under the project with the programme like Consumers Awareness programme (Generic campaign) as a continuous programme in selected districts. Moreover, to get them aware of milk quality, a simple process of testing milk for its quality, distribution of lactometer is proposed under the project and is assume to give overwhelming response. Responses were found from the consumers on the utility of clean milk consumption and hygienic handling of such a good food commodity through this programme.

    7. Milk Van for Procurement :

    During 2009-10 five Milk Procurement & marketing Van were utilized for milk procurement and distribution of milk and can cover long distances for milk procurement from the dairy farmers. With two insulated milk procurement van Milk curdling during transportation could be plugged and minimized the losses of the milk producers.

    8. Setting up of Bulk Milk Coolers :

    Shelf life of milk could be increased by providing 15 nos. of Bulk Milk cooler for chilling of milk and specially the evening milk could effectively utilized for which enhancement in milk procurement is noticed and losses of the milk producers are minimized.

    9. Bicycle with milk can :

    Dairy farmers has to collect milk from distant places in the remote areas for pouring milk in the DCS or to sell in the market. Providing a bicycle with two milk cans to those dairy farmers it become possible to make a channel of milk marketing in the remote areas. 890 numbers of bicycle with two milk during 2010-11 were provided to the dairy farmers and another 855 dairy farmers were selected for the year 2011-12.

    10. Chaff cutter Machine :

    Availability of green fodder and hay is an essential food item for cattle and buffalo. Farmers traditionally procure fodder and roughages from surrounding locality for their herd. More than 30% of fodder grasses and hays get spoiled during feeding their herd. This loss can be overcome by using chaff cutter machine for better utilization of fodder grass and in turn reduces cost of production of milk. So this essential item for the dairy farmers are proposed to be provided to identified DCSs on demonstration basis for making green fodder available for their livestock. 500 numbers of Chaff Cutter were proposed to distributed during 2011-12.The component is a much sought after item by the farmers as this indirectly reduces the cost of fodder and hay.

    11. Milk Sale booth :

    With increase in procurement and processing of milk in the existing Milk processing plant, milk marketing has to be given adequate importance. In order to channelized the process 45 nos. of sale booth during 2010-11 and 15 nos. during 2011-12 in selected location were set up to sale milk and milk products. Moreover, construction of three nos. of Milk Parlours at Nagaon, Tezpur and Jorhat are in the process to create a platform for marketing of milk and milk products in one roof.

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