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Our Vision 

Sustainable agriculture for enough food, employement and wealth. More emphasis to accelerate transition from traditional to commercial agriculture.

Our Mission 

To increase production and productivity of Agricultural crops, increasing farm income with the aim of minimum 4% annual growth in Agriculture.

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Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yosana, Assam, India
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  • From the Desk of Fishery DEPARTMENT

       One State level Fish Laboratory has also been constructed in the Directorate Complex for physico-chemical analysis of soil and water parameters and diagnosis of fish disease that occurs frequently in the state.

      Under RKVY, more than 12000 farmers (beneficiaries & non- beneficiaries) have been imparted training on technical aspects till date. In addition to that about 200 progressive farmers have been sent outside the state particularly Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa for exposure visit for capacity building. For popularizing aquaculture activities, about 230 block level awareness camp have been organized so far under the programme. For capacity building of officials of the Department, more than 100 officers have been trained up.

      It is felt necessary that the scale of investments under RKVY needs to be increased substantially so that a significant portion of suitable water area could be brought under scientific fish farming to achieve the overall target for agriculture sector development to make an impact of development under Fishery sector in the state.

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