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Our Vision 

Sustainable agriculture for enough food, employement and wealth. More emphasis to accelerate transition from traditional to commercial agriculture.

Our Mission 

To increase production and productivity of Agricultural crops, increasing farm income with the aim of minimum 4% annual growth in Agriculture.

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Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yosana, Assam, India
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  • From the Desk of A.H. & VETERINARY DEPARTMENT


      The Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Assam an allied sector of agriculture selected various activities like Cattle Breeding, Goatery development, Piggery development, Fodder development, Animal Health coverage, Skill development, Infrastructure development etc for better production of milk, meat etc and better service delivery to the public of entire Assam.

    Activities under RKVY 2008-09:- Fund Received and utilized:- Rs. 2670.00 Lakhs.

    Project contents :-

       Under the project targeted 8 components viz. (1)Disease control, (2)Cattle breeding, (3)Piggery development, (4)Goatery Development, (5)Fodder development, (6)capacity Building, (7)Infrastructure Development, (8)Administrative Cost with 24 sub components i.e. (1)Animal health Camp(600 Nos),(2)Treatment Camp on Reproductive Disorder(156 Nos),(3) Procurement of Liquid Nitrogen(5Lakhs litres), (4) Setting up of A.I. Centre at Departmental Institute(500 Nos), (5) Procurement of logistics for A.I.( 1640 Nos), (6) Semi-intensive Pig Farming(460 Nos) , (7) Expansion of Govt.Pig Farm,Dirpai(1 No), (8) Semi-intensive Goat Farming(303 Nos), (9) Revival of Goat Breeding Farm ,Panbari(1 No),(10) Distribution of Fodder Seeds(33100 units), (11) Establishment of Community Pasture(56 units), (12) Demo on Mix Fodder Cultivation(900 units) ,(13) Tractor for Deptt. Fodder Farms(5 Nos.) ,(14) Tractorisation Cost(L/S) ,(15) Fertiliser for Departmental Fodder Farms(L/S) ,(16) Irrigation Facility in Deptt. Fodder Farms(L/S) , (17) Farmers Training on goatery, piggery & dairy(10123 Nos.) ,(18) Exposure visit for farmers(172 Nos.) ,(19) Training of Pvt. A.I. Workers(100 Nos.) , (20) District Level Monitoring Workshop(104 Nos) ,(21) Repairing of Hospital/Dispensary(17 Nos),(22) Repairing of Frozen Semen Bank(1o Nos) ,(23) Office Expense(L/S) ,(24) Travelling Expense(L/S).

    Project achievements:-
    Treatment and Vaccination provided to 2 ,82,500 animals. Artificial Insemination performed on 1,39,386 cows. 4600 women were generated under 460 Nos of Semi Intensive Pig Farming. The Govt. Pig Farm, Dirpai, Dhemaji fully revived and the production is going on. Under 303 Nos of Semi Intensive Goat Farming 2600 women were generated and a progressive farmer, Md. Abdul Halim was the National Awardees on goat production. The Govt. Goat Farm, Panbari, Kokrajhar also fully revived and the production in full swing. Fodder cultivation became popular which was not practiced earlier. Further to some extent stall fed practice was also adapted. 86,450MT green fodders produced under fodder development. 10,395(including 100 nos pvt. A.I. workers) Nos. of farmers trained up.17 Hospitals/Dispensaries and 10 Frozen Semen Banks reconstructed.

    Activities under RKVY 2009 -10:- Fund Received and utilized:- Rs. 1000.00 Lakhs.

    Project contents :-

       Under the project targeted 7 components viz. (1) Establishment of RILEM Assam(1 st phase)(1No), (2) Procurement of A.I. Sheath(8640 pkts), (3) Out-sourcing of A.I. activities(100 Nos),(4) Maintenance including fuel cost of Liquid Nitrogen carrying pickup vans(L/S),(5) Fuel cost for Departmental Liquid Nitrogen Tanker(L/S),(6) French Mini Straw (Empty)( 3Lakhs),(7) Administrative cost(L/S).

    Project achievements:-

       The RILEM, a Training Institute have been established to transfer the Technology to the farmers through training and demonstration and Entrepreneurship development for unemployed youth on Animal rearing. Logistic support for A.I. activities. Outsourcing of 500 nos of A.I. centres are under process to perform A.I. activities in those areas which are not covered by departmental A.I centres.

    Activities under RKVY 2010 -11:-    Fund Received and utilized:- Rs. 800.00 Lakhs.

    Project contents :-

       Under the project targeted 7 components viz. (1) Development of Pig Village(30 Nos), (2) Procurement of Disposable Hand Gloves for A.I.(4Lakhs Pcs), (3) Fodder Development(51,692 Nos),(4) Deworming of A.I. born calves(50,000 Nos),(5) Liver Extract for A.I. born calves(50,000 Nos),(6) Strengthening of Livestock Farm, Khanapara(1No),(7) Administrative cost(L/S).

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